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31 Reasons to Have a Micro Wedding in 2021

Micro weddings haven’t only become popular due to COVID19. Having a smaller affair can actually have many benefits on your special day. I’m here to reassure you that small doesn’t mean less.

1. Takes less time to plan

Since you have less guests to think about, you can plan your wedding in a much smaller time-frame than it would take for a larger wedding. If you want to get married in the next few months – this is totally possible with a micro wedding.

2. Make your budget go further

This one is pretty obvious, but since you have less people to feed and chairs to hire, you can spend the extra money on whatever you like. You can keep track of your budget by using free templates like this one.

3. Spend it with your nearest and dearest

All of your favourite people will be there – just the ones that matter. This will make you feel so much more relaxed also which is invaluable on such a special day where you just want to enjoy it.

4. Less nerve wracking

As mentioned int he previous point – you will be so much more relaxed due to not having 150 people staring at you as you walk down the aisle.  Obviously I can’t promise you wont be nervous, but the less nerves you feel, the better your day will be! Click here to read my previous blog post on how to feel relaxed in front of the camera on your wedding day. 

5. Costs less

As I mentioned, you can either make your budget go further, or you can cut down and significantly cut costs. My only advice would be to really invest in the vendors that you do actually end up booking (i.e. venue, photographer, dress), and maybe cut out the things you don’t need.

6. Less stress

Since you’ll have much less to do, that can only mean it will be less stressful. No one wants to be stressed anyway – so this can only be a plus, right?

7. More intimate

This one is one of the main reasons I see my clients go for smaller weddings. They can be so much more intimate and special due to less people being there – due to them being the people you want there the most.

8. Opens up opportunities for venues

Having a micro wedding really opens up the opportunity to book smaller and more quirky wedding venues. They can also cost a hell of a lot less than huge wedding venues. Get creative and support local businesses. Below is the lovely Seven Eggs at Harewood Estate.

9. Destination wedding

Obviously this one doesn’t apply during COVID restrictions, but if you’ve got less guests this really opens up the opportunity to hop on a plane and get hitched somewhere far away. Since you’re only inviting your nearest and dearest, they are the most likely to commit and go with you anyway.

10. More personal

Sometimes having a larger wedding can end up being more about other people than it is about you and your other half. Having a micro wedding gives you the reigns and means you can do whatever the hell you like.

11. You can concentrate on the smaller details

With all the extra time you will have on your hands, this means you can really dig deep on the tiny details of your day and make everything super detailed. Obviously, you don’t have to do this, but it gives you the opportunity to without being too stressful.

12. You can throw a party at a later date

If you’re planning a micro wedding during the COVID restrictions and you can’t hold a reception, you can always have a party at a later date. At the end of the day, you’ll be married, and everyone will want an excuse for a party at the end of all this anyway! Maybe you could even have a vow renewal?

13. Up your game on your honeymoon

Another thing you can do with the extra money is really put some of that money on your honeymoon – even if i tis for the distant future. Take that boat ride, go to that Michelin star restaurant, treat yo’ self! You could even have your honeymoon in UK if travel restrictions abroad are a problem. 

14. More relaxed atmosphere

As I mentioned earlier, not only will YOU be more relaxed, but the whole atmosphere will be much more chilled out and less pressure will be on you.

15. More time for couple portraits

Now this is the one where I get excited – you will have much more time to spend taking some really dreamy couple portraits. Usually we only have about 20 mins tops for a large wedding, but with smaller weddings we have so much more opportunity to have fun with it!

16. Less drama

This one’s an important one. No one likes drama, do they? When you’re planning a micro wedding, you don’t have to explain to your neighbour’s cousin’s dog why they weren’t invited. Less drama, more happy times.

17. Your guests will feel special

Hey, you only invited 15 people? Lucky them ‘ey! The people you do invite will feel super special, and the people you don’t will more than likely understand since it’s such a small affair. Win, win – right? You can even go all out on your invitations like these ones.

18. Everyone will remember your wedding

Since your wedding will be super chilled, intimate, relaxed and your guests are feelin’ extra special – it isn’t going to leave their memories any time soon. Your wedding will stand out in their minds and not feel like every other wedding.

19. Will give you more time to reflect with your partner

It’s hard to find time on your big day to actually soak in the fact that you’re now married – this gives you the opportunity to take some time alone together which can really make a big difference!

20. You can do what YOU want to do, not what others want to do

Since there will be less people involved to impress or make happy – you’re free to do what you want to do and not other people. This is so important as it’s one of the best days of your life, so there is no point in letting other people get in the way of it!

21. Less pressure to go with traditions

Expanding on the previous point, since there is less pressure for what other people want, you don’t have to follow every tradition. Don’t have a veil if you don’t want one, don’t have speeches if you don’t care for them, don’t have a white dress etc.

22. You can talk to ALL of your guests

Less guests – more time to talk to each one. Most likely at a large wedding there will be lots of people there you won’t even get the change to talk to. You can actually catch up and chat to all your guests when you’ve got less people there.

23. Cut down on your carbon footprint

Looking after the environment is more important now than ever. Less people will be driving to your venue, less food will be imported to feed your guests, you’ll be supporting local businesses, you can even reuse things to incorporate in your wedding.

24. DIY projects are more reasonable

Want to make those super cute table decorations you saw on Pinterest? Go for it! You’ll have much less that you need to make meaning you can spend more time on DIY projects. This again can save money and also help save our planet.
Have a look at some DIY biodegradable confetti made from leaves, or you want to save time you could buy confetti made from dried petals.

25. You can spend more on each vendor

I mentioned earlier you can make your budget go further if you choose. If your venue is the most important to you, you can spend more to get that perfect place. If photography is super important, you can splash out on some beautiful prints for your home or book an engagement shoot. Whatever vendor you want to spend more on, you will be helping out small businesses which is more important now than ever.

26. Easier for everyone to be available on the same date

Since you’ll have less people that will need to all make that date free, choosing a date where everyone can make it will be much more simple with a micro wedding.

27. Take in every moment

Micro weddings give the opportunity to take in every tiny little moment and not miss a thing, meaning you get more from your day than you probably initially realised.

28. You won’t need a second photographer

You most likely wont need a second photographer if you’re having a smaller wedding. This isn’t always true if you wish to get pictures of people getting ready in different locations, but in most cases you will only need one photographer, which usually works out cheaper.

29. More time to sit down and enjoy your meal

Okay, if any of you are foodies like me, you can appreciate how when you’re eating a meal (and others that you’ve potentially paid for), you want to have the time to actually sit down and enjoy it.

30. Don’t have to sit through loads of speeches

If loads of speeches aren’t your thing – not to worry! You only have to listen to the ones that matter. Or maybe you want to skip them all together – it’s totally up to you.

31. You’ll be married

At the end of the day, you and your other half will be married. That’s the most important thing.

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