Hidden Harewood

In the past I have shot quite a few of Harewood Food and Drink’s events, but this one was extra special. It genuinely was my favourite event to photograph to date - so much so that I have felt the need to finally start a blog just so I can share with you the experience.

The main idea of Hidden Harewood is to take you on an adventure around Harewood estate, and to eat at different locations that the general public would never usually get to access.

The eight course tasting menu was written and cooked by my partner and executive chef Josh Whitehead. Hearing him talk about it for the whole time we've been together and then finally being able to experience it was so special.

We started off at the cricket pavilion to have Harewood Food and Drink’s own gin and tonic, Greystone Gin. There just happened to be a match happening at the time, with the perfect golden hour light.

As we drank our drinks, we boarded the giant truck that would take us around the estate to our next location on the estate - the garden lodge. The good thing about these events is that it forces you to talk to people, especially when you are on a crowded truck. Considering I was there on my own as I was photographing, I made a lot of new friends!

The truck drove through the estate and we had a bit of a wobbly ride as we held onto the rope above our heads. It couldn’t of been more worth it as we swooped around the lake as the light filtered through the trees. We got a beautiful view of Harewood House, and I almost forgot that we still had another location to go. Little did we know that this would be the best one…

As we stepped off the tractor, we entered a whole different world filled with fairy lights and campfires. As we followed the fairy-like trail, we walked past trees that were lit with lanterns. It was one of those moments where everyone pulled out their phones as they just had to take a picture.

We then went through a tunnel, and emerged on the other side to see the beautiful Seven Eggs. It is an old building located on the estate in the Pleasure Grounds, which features old columns that peer over you as you walk past. As we carried on, there were sofas, blankets, campfires and tepees - and probably the nicest outside toilet I've ever seen.

At the end of the trail we will find ourselves in a giant teepee, dressed to the nines with flowers, lights, candles, and menus on our tables. From the table we could see Josh cooking what we were about to eat on the barbecue. This included the finest venison, sourced from the estate itself.

After our main courses we were served Mulberry Wood Ice cream - made using the bark from the trees on the estate (hundreds of years old), and served to us in the most film-like fashion by Josh’s apprentice Callum in a very fitting outfit.

What more could you want than looking up to the stars around a campfire after good food and an amazing tour around such a richly historic estate. Hope you enjoy the images, I certainly enjoyed my food.