Subject to Change001 copy.jpg

‘Subject to Change’, 2018

This edition of Subject to Change is a very limited edition of 40. It comes with an A3 poster and can be purchased here.


‘Subject to Change’ - Exhibition Edition, 2018

The book I made for my graduation show, and also an ongoing project. View the images and read the synopsis here. See the exhibition here.

appropiation cover.jpg

‘Appropriation’ - DIY YOTH ISSUE 002, 2018

Second issue of DIY YOUTH featured some of my work surrounding the theme of appropriation. The zine is an edition of 50 and can be purchased here.

salt and pepper001.jpg

‘Salt n Pepper #1’, 2018

‘Subject to Change’ was also featured in the first issue of Salt n Pepper Press, available here.

salt and pepper003.jpg

‘2010 - 2017’

This publication was one of two I made alongside my dissertation - Has Digital Photography and Social Media Changed the Way We Photograph and Remember Our Lives?’.

Here I compiled over 1,400 images that I had uploaded to Facebook over a 7 year period. Each page is a month of my life, starting from age thirteen to age twenty one.

It aims to prove how we are constantly subject to a constant stream of media, and questions wether this helps or distorts our memory of the events we have documented.