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5 Ways To Feel Relaxed In Front Of The Camera On Your Wedding Day

Want to feel comfortable in front of the lens and get images that are non-cheesy, fun and not awkward? You’ve come to the right place…

1. Get to know your photographer.

  • The more relaxed you are around your photographer, the easier it will be for youto get the best images possible. I know it can feel weird when another human being is pointing a camera at you (trust me, even photographers feel this!). But their job is to help you feel comfortable. 
  • This is a two may thing though – so the first step is to make sure you feel that they are the right photographer for you! During your first consultation, try to get a feel for what kind of person they are. You want them to feel like a friend and not just a service provider. That’s the nature of photography – it’s personal in the very nature of it. They want to get to know you as much as you want to get to know them – this is because it achieves the best results. 
  • Now, I’m not saying you need to feel like you’re best friends, but a little can go a long way.

2. Have an engagement shoot.

  • This one isn’t essential, but having an engagement shoot can really help you get used to being in front of the camera before your big day. 
  • On the wedding day it will be you, your other half and your photographer doing the exact same thing, (just in much more expensive clothing) – so see it as a practice run!  
  • If your photographer offers an engagement shoot, take the opportunity to do it. It also means that you can use the images for some awesome save the dates/invitations, as well as images on your wedding day.

3. Put together a timeline of your day

  • Talk to your photographer about setting a certain amount of time to do your couple shots (and group shots) on the day. This will take out any unnecessary stress over being away from your guests. This way, YOU can decide how much or how little time you spend on these images.
  • Your photographer will most likely suggest when it is you’ll be taking the images and provide you with a timeline. Not only does that help you, but it also helps your photographer on knowing exactly when everything will happen.
  • Make sure to do your couple portraits and family photos while there is sunlight. This will get the best and clearest images. Another good time would be during golden hour (just before sunset). As for place, the photographer will most likely suggest where is best. Suggest places to them, and they should help decide where has the best combination of light, space and aesthetics.


4. Listen to your photographer

  • This one may sound pretty obvious, but it’s super important! Don’t feel like you have to do all the work yourself – a good photographer will have a system in place for knowing how to make you feel comfortable (AND look amazing). 
  • When I photograph my couples, I like to give them activities to do. All of them are super simple and created to feel as natural as possible. 
  • For example ‘walk towards me while looking at each other’. ‘Whisper a silly joke in your partner’s ear’. ‘Kiss your partner on the cheek’. ‘Spin the bride/groom around’. 
  • If you listen to their direction, you will instantly feel better as you won’t be lost in what to do OR how to look!

the mowbray and the chimney house wedding in sheffield

5. Pretend that the camera isn’t there

  • If you want care-free, laid back imagery, it’s best when the images are candid. Candid imagery basically means taking an informal approach, especially without the subject’s knowledge. 
  • Of course you know your photographer is there – all this means is that when doing the activities your photographer has given you, try not to look at the camera while doing them. This will make them seem way more more natural and not awkward or super posey! 
  • I tell my couples to assume I don’t want them to look down my lens unless I ask them to. This takes the guess work out of it.

a couple cross the road in leeds city centre after getting married at leeds civic hall

Most importantly, have fun!

Remember, this is your wedding day! Taking images on your big day shouldn’t feel like a chore, but more so another fun part of your day. The best thing is – when you’re having fun, the images will automatically be so much more amazing. Win-win, right?

To conclude

  • Get to know your photographer (you can get to know me here!)
  • Have an engagement shoot if you can
  • Set a time and place for your images
  • Listen to your photographer
  • Pretend the camera isn’t there
  • Have fun!

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