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Elizabeth Gaskell’s House Wedding

Elizabeth Gaskell’s House Wedding Photographer

At the start of this year I photographed Max & Niamh’s wedding in the heart of Manchester at Elizabeth Gaskell’s House. It was an intimate elopement with only one guest. It showed the beauty of small gatherings and how special they can be.

The Ceremony

With its rich history, the venue itself provided a great backdrop. Furthermore, the house once belonged to the famed novelist, Elizabeth Gaskell, and its historical charm infused every corner. Additionally, the small guest list made the occasion even more special. To add, one of the venue’s staff members kindly stepped in as a witness. Moreover, it is worth noting that I myself have been a witness many times, and I am more than happy to do this for you if you need someone. Lastly, just make sure you have someone else with you to do it too, as you need two witnesses to legally marry!

The Study

Antique furnishings adorned the study, bathing it in natural light. It proved to be the perfect setting for capturing some great portraits. The room is a nod to Gaskell’s literary world, and is full to the brim with books. It’s also a great place to sign your wedding certificate.

Elopement Manchester

Another thing I loved was the chocolate cake they had which was made by a family friend. It was a cake which was very cottage core vibes with mushrooms and logs. The happy couple and their guest enjoyed tea and cake before we went to take some portraits around the venue.

In the end, this elopement at Elizabeth Gaskell’s House was more than just a wedding. It was a celebration of love and the joy that can be found in the most intimate moments. With only one guest and the Gaskell’s literary legacy all around, this unique wedding served as a reminder that love needs no grandeur or extravagance to be beautiful and meaningful.

If you’re looking for a photographer to capture your Elizabeth Gaskell’s wedding, feel free to get in touch with me here.