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The Priest’s House Wedding Skipton

The Priest’s House Wedding Photographer

In the heart of Skipton and nestled amidst the Yorkshire Dales, Anna and Craig’s The Priest’s House wedding was nothing short of an epic day. This wedding had bold, colourful florals and a retro cake that stole the show. A lively ceilidh that had everyone on their feet, this wedding was a celebration to remember. The festivities began with bride prep at a stunning Air B’n’B in Wigglesworth (what a great place name, am I right?!). Afterwards at The Priest’s House they had an intimate ceremony and exchanged their vows surrounded by the historic walls of The Priest’s House.

Pink and red bold florals

The wonderful florist Hyde Park Flower Club by Dottie’s deserves special mention for creating colourful and breathtaking floral arrangements. Shades of pink and red adorned the venue, transforming the venue it into the perfect mix of historic and modern. The bridesmaids carried single roses that perfectly complemented the theme and was something I’d never seen before. The ceremony floral pieces with gypsophila were also beautiful, therefore giving the illusion of them floating on their clear platforms. This looked perfect in the Old Chapel because it meant you could still see the backdrop of the historic building through the plinths.

Retro wedding cakes are making a comeback

For a long time now I have been wanting to see a Noonchi Cake in person. I was absolutely thrilled to finally be able to photograph one at Anna and Craig’s wedding. Adorned in pink and red to match the wedding colours, it was topped in glacier cherries and looked too good to eat (but I would also eat the whole thing if I could). I am all for anything retro becoming more popular again as I am a total nerd for vintage things. More retro wedding cakes please!

Tissue paper confetti – the only way to go

I always recommend tissue paper confetti to all of my couples as it looks the best in your photographs. Petals don’t float like tissue paper does, which means that in your confetti photos it doesn’t make anywhere near as much of an impact. With tissue paper, not only is it also biodegradable but it floats like a dream, meaning it always looks absolutely epic in your wedding photos. At this wedding, we used Flutter Darlings who I always recommend whole-heartedly. You can even pick your own colours to mix and match so it can compliment your theme. A&C went for pink and red, of course!

Ceilidh to get everyone on the dance floor

As the day turned into evening, a lively ceilidh took centre stage, with guests of all ages taking to the dance floor to join in the traditional celebration. Laughter, music, and the joy of the moment filled the air, making it a night to remember. I love photographing a ceilidh as there is always so much going on and everyone joins in! Some of my favourite moments at weddings are the ones when people can be completely candid and themselves in front of the camera. Ceilidh’s are definitely one of those times!

Pink evening dress

Anna added a touch of surprise and flair to the evening by changing out of her white wedding dress and into a stunning hot pink mini dress. Under the soft glow of fairy lights, we took some more couple portraits beneath a towering tree outside. These were the last photos I took on the day before I left, and they turned out to be some of my favourites. Hope you enjoy the images.

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