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London Wedding Shoot in Notting Hill

London Wedding Photographer

On a scorching hot day last summer, I embarked on an adventure into the heart of London, specifically in and around Notting Hill and Westminster. The occasion being a London wedding styled shoot with our two incredibly talented models, Hannah and Luke. Little did I know that this endeavour would become one my favourite shoots to date.

What made this day even more special was that I had the privilege of teaming up with a couple of fellow photographers who had traveled all the way from South Africa & Japan to be in London.

Notting Hill Portaits

Our journey began in Notting Hill, renowned for its vibrant coloured houses and famous streets. Against this iconic London backdrop, our beautiful models Hannah and Luke effortlessly brought our vision to life. I am obsessed with all of the colours of the houses and it was so much fun playing around with them as backdrops. We were actually super lucky as there really wasn’t that many people around, which in London, as you can imagine, isn’t that often.


As we ventured toward Westminster, we attracted the attention of many passersby who couldn’t help but shout their congratulations and best wishes. The energy and enthusiasm of passers by around Big Ben only added to the fun.

What I love most about city weddings and elopements is the juxtaposition of the serene, intimate moments against the backdrop of the vibrant city. The historic architecture, busy streets, and the occasional red double-decker bus passing by all provided a captivating setting for our shoot.

Exploring London Underground

Getting to explore around London with our models was so much fun because we had the freedom to go wherever we wanted. Notting Hill’s bohemian charm and Westminster’s grandeur perfectly complemented the stunning dress from Medusa London. One of my favourite parts of the shoot was actually travelling between the locations because it meant we could take portraits in and around the London Underground! I always wanted to get a motion blur shot of the tube going past and I finally got my wish.

In the end, our styled shoot in Notting Hill and Westminster was a testament to what can happen when creativity, passion, and a shared love for imagery come together in a spontaneous meeting of photographers from around the world.

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