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The Oak Tree of Peover Knutsford Wedding

The Ceremony at Oak Tree of Peover

Last year I had the pleasure of documenting the enchanting wedding of Roberta and Ami at The Oak Tree of Peover in Knutsford. Despite the rain, this day was filled with joy as they celebrated their love amidst the rustic charm of the venue. From unique details like bubbles instead of confetti to green wedding shoes and floral lapels, this wedding was a true reflection of Roberta and Ami’s vibrant personalities.

The ceremony room has large glass windows all round meaning it has the best natural light. The soft glow illuminates the room and is perfect for your wedding photos. As they stood before their loved ones, vows were spoken and rings were exchanged. 

Roberta and Ami embraced a unique and playful twist on the traditional confetti toss by opting for bubbles instead. As they made their grand exit from the ceremony, their loved ones showered them with cascades of iridescent bubbles. It was something a bit different and so much fun! 

The Couple Shots and Outfits

Though the weather was pretty rainy, we were fortunate enough to witness brief moments of sunshine which thankfully allowed us to capture some outdoor portraits. Against the backdrop of The Oak Tree of Peover’s lush grounds, Roberta and Ami embraced the unpredictable weather. I love a good umbrella shot anyway so I don’t mind the rain on a wedding day! 

Roberta and Ami’s impeccable sense of style shone through in their choice of wedding attire. Roberta donned stunning green wedding shoes, adding a vibrant pop of color to her outfit. Ami sported a lapel adorned with delicate florals, a unique touch that I had never seen before at a wedding. I was obsessed! These stylish details perfectly complemented the rustic charm of The Oak Tree of Peover.

The Venue

The Oak Tree of Peover provided the perfect backdrop for Roberta and Ami’s wedding day. The venue’s old beams and charming ambiance added a touch of timeless elegance to the celebration, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for their guests. The rustic charm of the surroundings served as a testament to the couple’s love for nature and their desire for an intimate wedding experience.

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